Double Money Back Policy!

We stand behind our products, so much so that we are the ONLY teeth whitening product manufacture that offers DOUBLE your money back if you don’t see results. We’ve sold over 1,000+ kits and never had a single return!

With that being said, these guidelines are strictly for our Double Money Back Policy! To Avoid any fraud, we’ve implemented these rules as follows:

  1. The Double Money Back policy only applies to first time customers who’ve purchased our “Standard Whitening Kit”.
  2. You must take a before photo (before using our product) and an after photo (after using our product) without any camera filters active.
  3. You must also take a 60 second raw video clip showing your teeth Before using our product and After. (This is an extra level of protection to avoid fraud. We require both photos and video since photos can be easily manipulated)
  4. Both photos and video must be taken at the same location since different locations might have different lighting which can make it difficult for us to evaluate your results.
  5. You MUST have used at least 3 applications of our product before requesting a refund. (This is due to some people having more staining on their teeth which requires more than one application to start seeing results)

Once the above has been followed and we’ve determined there has not been any improvement we will gladly honor our double money back policy. Please allow up to 7-14 days for refunds to process.

Please Note: We will double your money back for 1st unit only. For example, if you purchase 3 standard whitening kits, we will double the amount back for only 1 out of those 3.

The double money back policy only applies if you've used the product and haven't seen any results. This does not apply in the case of defective or missing products received upon arrival, for that you must refer to our standard refund policy. Also, if you have translucent teeth (due to having poor enamel) or fluorosis prior to using our product, you will not be eligible for the double money back refund.