Hydrogen Peroxide Vs Other Whitening Agents

There are quite a few different whitening agents out there such as hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, bicarbonate, etc... Dentist primarily use only one type of whitening agent and that’s hydrogen peroxide. Currently there are no other whitening agent’s as effective as hydrogen peroxide which is why so many dentists use it. Other whitening agents simply do not hold up when compared with hydrogen peroxide.

Why Are There Alternative Whitening Agents?

At formal whitening we do plan on offering a multitude of options so people can choose which ones they would like to use. The only benefit to using other whitening agent’s aside from hydrogen peroxide is they are less harsh and good for people who have very sensitive teeth. Everyone’s tolerance level differs, most people have no problem when it comes to using hydrogen peroxide and some people can’t handle it for more than 2 minutes. There are several causes as to why this could be happening. One reason could be that some people do not apply the whitening gel properly which leads to it getting on their gums, other people have bad enamel which makes their teeth extra sensitive. Everyone’s case is different but for the most part majority of people should be fine.

Banned in The UK

Another reason why we plan on selling products containing other whitening agents besides hydrogen peroxide (as an alternative) comes down to hydrogen peroxide based products are not allowed to be sold in the UK unless it’s directly from a dentist. As you probably might have guessed, the fact that you can only get hydrogen peroxide based products directly from a dentist means you’re going to have to pay a ridiculous markup for the same products you could purchase for half the price online. This is why we are forced to sell alternative products for people that’s in the UK who would like to purchase an affordable alternative.

Our Recommendation

We highly suggest that if you’re in the market for a teeth whitening kit, you should stick with hydrogen peroxide based products. They deliver the most significant results in the shortest amount of time. We plan on releasing in the next few months, a multitude of products all which contain hydrogen peroxide as their active whitening agent. If you fall under the category of those who can’t use hydrogen peroxide, we will have the next best thing available for you to use.

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