Welcome to Formal Whitening

I am a young collage aged student who pretty much risked it all to create a teeth whitening company that actually develops products that works. Me and many of my friends are sick and tired of wasting money on multiple overly priced teeth whitening kits that don’t work. We’ve tried some of the top brands with mediocre results at best so I was forced to save and borrow money just to create what some might rate as the best at home teeth whitening kit (you be the judge) as well as other cosmetic products (coming soon).

Our products delivers professional results at a fraction of the cost of what our competitors charge. I spent all of my money on R&D (Research & Development) to create products that works. So because of this, our product does not have any paid celebrity endorsements, special packaging, even our website is plain but this allows us to sell you a product that actually works for much cheaper than what our competitors charge.

About Our Products

As of right now we only have one product which is our whitening kit. It’s 100% made in the USA, Kosher & Vegan friendly. Our kit contains 12% hydrogen peroxide, this is the same whitening agent dentist use when you go for an in office treatment. Our kit does not require any LED, you simply apply and witness the results in minutes! 

We are certain that you’ll see results that we are offering a 7-day DOUBLE money back guarantee if you don't see an improvement with your smile.